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Present helps you find things to do with people nearby. Discover parties, sports, hobbies, events, and more. Join circles of local friends and neighbors who share your interests. Chat, share photos, and do more together.

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Kristina Plummer
  • Kristina Plummer
    Kristina PlummerCreative Director, Present Company

    Women supporting women!


    Need more friends!

    Love Present to find career events, foodie friends, and badass woman-owned businesses and brands near me!

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Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊
Janete Perez
Janete PerezHunter@janete_perez_kampel · Co-Founder of
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush!!! Invite the extraordinary women in your life to join Present! :)
Oleg Sharov
Oleg Sharov@shapob · Founder @pinwheelapp
I had a pleasure of working with this team early on, they are amazing and their heart is in the right place. Best of luck guys!
Janete Perez
Janete PerezHunter@janete_perez_kampel · Co-Founder of
Hi Oleg!!! thanks for voting!!! We're in LA now! Have your sister join Present and enter to win a bitcoin :)
Evelyn Yu
Evelyn Yu@evelynyu · Product Manager Intern
Just found this awesome product that supports women! And on that topic, it's time to show some love to extraordinary women @ellie_chang! ❤️ Ellie and her team @mmarissahuang @nowonderg just launched their product @jobalaya on Product Hunt today. Definitely check that out to support our fellow women :)
Ellie Chang
Ellie Chang@ellie_chang · Founder & CEO, Jobalaya
Always love products that support women! Btw, @jobalaya has a tag page that shows companies with female leadership. @Present looks like a great fit there!
This is really cool. Only women? lol. I will be rooting for you!
Bob Lee
Bob LeeMaker@crazybob
We're excited to share we just launched a huge update to Present. Present helps you find things to do with people nearby. We designed it to help you make friends as you do in the real world—in groups around common interests. We’re all about connecting new and existing friends through circles—our name for Present’s location-based group chats—so they can do more in real life. Present is great for connecting with people in the moment, too. Whether you’re at a party or in a classroom, instead of exchanging phone numbers with people one at a time (so tedious!), you can create a circle and connect with everyone at once. Thanks to our real-time recommendation algorithm, people nearby will see your circle first. All they have to do is join it to stay connected and keep the conversation going afterward. Present is an order of complexity more efficient. What’s more, unlike other location-based social networks, Present does all of this without sharing your location with other users. On Present, circles have locations; people don’t. What’s new? Up until now, circles on Present have all been public. Our latest release introduces two major features: friending and private circles. Now, when you add people as friends on Present, we’ll: 1. Show you which circles your friends participate in, so you can find even more cool things to do. 2. Notify you when friends nearby start circles, so you can make plans in real time. Instead of texting people one at a time to see if they’re down to meet up, now you can create a circle, and we’ll notify your friends nearby. Then they can opt into your activity. Present’s approach is faster and more inclusive, and you don’t put your friends in the awkward position of having to decline because they’re busy or out of town. With private circles, you can now control who participates. Other apps let you manually approve people who want to join your group. Users typically have to wait for approval before they can post. Present innovates and goes a step further—you can configure your circle so your friends and even friends of other circle members can join automatically! This means they can jump into the chat immediately without waiting for manual approval. Present makes it easier than ever to connect with your extended social network. We think the world needs a tool like Present now more than ever before. While traditional social networks can leave people feeling isolated and depressed, we hope Present will bring people genuinely closer together, especially in real life, and make the world a happier, healthier place.