A monetisation platform that allow users to pay as you go!

Prepayg is a monetisation platform which can be integrated by creators in their websites to provide a paid option to users. Prepayg allows creators to decide the rate and payments are charged on the basis of time duration their service is used for. Prepayg enables easy signup, usage, and integration.

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Hello PH! This is my first time as a maker 🤞🏻. Payger is a monetisation platform for websites. It makes integrating payments as easy as advertisements. The problem: - advertisements don’t work that good because low revenues, bad UX, and all. - paywalls don’t work at all because lack of trust, upfront decision, and all. - users don’t want to create accounts and provide payments credentials to every website. - charging users for small/onetime use is not economical due to fixed payments processing fees The solution: + users only need a Payger account to pay on websites. charge and login is handled by Payger. + websites can integrate Payger alongside advertisements. users decide what they want. + easy modifications to website allows Payger to manage when to show ads or paid content. + no upfront charge so easy customer acquisition. + easier monetisation of valuable content. Websites decide their own rate and users are charged as they use the service. Payger also provides option of Cap which works like a monthly fixed upper limit on charge. It feels like this was something needed as an alternative to advertisements, and paywalls alike. Head to the website to know more. Thank you. Your responses and queries are appreciated. Happy payging!
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Great job!! 😊 Amazing concept !! Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Thank you! Please know, since the product and concept is new, we are always available at if you have query.