Give recognition that lasts a lifetime. Fun, easy, and free.

Preciate is the free mobile app that empowers you to strengthen your team and build your relationships by giving and receiving in-the-moment recognition. Preciate compiles the real-time career story of your accomplishments, as told by others. You own your career story on Preciate, you can share it with anyone, and you take it with you forever.

Nice stuff! Is this kinda like Twitter/LinkedIn? Like more updates for business kind of a thang?
@nickchuckwalter You recognize co-workers, employees, contractors, or anyone you'd like. They recognize you, too. All the recognition builds into a story you keep and share forever! It's like a public high-five that lasts forever! Great for team-building and for creating an awesome culture around you.
If you'd like to strengthen your team or create a stronger culture around you, try Preciate. Stronger relationships are the fabric of happiness and success. Teams that use Preciate love us because it's fun, easy, and free. And all the recognition you receive stays on your profile. You take it with you when you're looking for a new job or wanting people to know your strengths as told by others.
AppStore link is dead
@kimmychen I've tested the link a few ways, and it seems to work for me. However one time it did hang. So maybe just go to the App Store and search for "preciate" if it's not too much trouble. Thanks for commenting and helping us!