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Praxis is a professional bootcamp + paid startup apprenticeship for people ready to launch a career, no degree required. Startups aren't just for coders, and apprenticeships aren't just for welders!

We help people build a body of work to showcase skills and win career opportunities, then place them in an awesome role at a startup!

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  • Alec von Barnekow
    Alec von BarnekowSwiss developer

    Great community and the modules are very interesting. Very selective, so only the best get accepted.


    Can't get a business partner if you don't have a green card. Also not in remote..

    I was recently accepted to the Praxis program. I'm currently in the pre-program. And I'm totally fulfilled, the community and the Praxis team are fantastic. The modules are very interesting, I think I learned more in 2 weeks than in 3 months at school.

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  • Julianna Carbonare
    Julianna CarbonarePraxis Participant

    strong community, networking opportunities, many resources for learning all kinds of skills, PAID apprenticeship with an actual company


    Relatively new so they're still working out kinks in the program

    I was accepted to the Praxis program this past May. I start the program officially in October, but as a pre-program participant there is already so much I can gather and say about the program. From the day I was accepted, my life, both externally and internally, changed profoundly. I feel myself changing everyday (for the better), and transforming into a more productive, creative, motivated human.

    There is something really refreshing about being a part of a community of like-minded people. Despite differences in backgrounds, interests, and goals, we are all in the Praxis program because we share the same mindset about the Praxis mission: documenting a proven track record that there are (many) other ways to learning, success, happiness, goal-achievement outside of traditional higher education.

    I'm very happy with the program thus far and I can't wait to see what else I can do.

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  • Pros: 

    Excellent content, world-class training, and a life changing experience.


    Praxis doesn’t have job opps for every possible industry, but that will surely change soon.

    Easily the best career decision of my life, Praxis rocketed me from teen terrified of the future to confident person in the working world.

    I was at home and like most kiddos my age, I was anxious and worried about “what to do with my life.” Praxis solved the problem.

    I completed their professional bootcamp and learned the ideas and skills necessary to create legitimate value for real companies.

    Then they helped me move across the country to work in a growing startup, where I learned an invaluable lesson: that every career is a dynamic, ever-changing animal, and that the most exciting part is adventuring through the endless roar of options.

    It’s a shame we fret about ”a perfect future”, because we miss out on the fun that comes from discovering our future one experience at a time. That is what Praxis taught me, and I am more competent and happy in the world because of it.

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  • Pros: 

    It's the experience that entrepreneurial-minded young adults need.


    It's a new idea that is just catching on!

    I got accepted into the Praxis program in July of 2017. Even before I started the program, I was invited into a community of people that pushed me past my limits and encouraged me to never stop growing. The community constantly collaborates on projects. The more experienced ones pass on their knowledge, and the flow of ideas never stops in the community.

    During the 6-month boot camp, I was challenged more than ever before in my life. I became a better writer and thinker, and I learned the basic skills that it takes to succeed in the startup world today. This boot camp is something that many people try to get from a 4-year business degree, in 1/8 of the time!

    The cool thing is, the entire program was entirely customizable to my individual career goals. Advisors worked one-on-one with me as I completed the boot camp and kept me accountable to my own plans and ideas.

    The second half of the program is the apprenticeship. I'm making back the money I put into the program. I'm being paid to learn! There's nothing like taking the reins of your career and learning by experience.

    Now, I'm almost finished with my apprenticeship as a marketing associate. It's been the best $12,000 year of my life!

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  • Lauren Marlowe
    Lauren MarloweUX Designer at Remine

    I got my dream job!


    The remote bootcamp requires some self motivation

    The application process to Praxis was fun and very challenging! It felt very rewarding to get accepted in June of 2017. I went to the 3 day workshop/meetup in August in Atlanta and left feeling inspired by all the smart and creative people I met who were alumni, current participants, or mentors. Praxis pushed me to hustle harder than I ever had before, but now I look back at all the work I published to my website and feel proud and empowered.

    During the apprenticeship interview process, Praxis did a great job of preparing me to talk to each company and my mentor Ryan was fantastic. Chuck and TK Coleman gave me great advice over a couple calls and emails. The resources they have on the Praxis portal and the mentors are very accessible and valuable.

    My apprenticeship has been better than I could ever ask for. I'm challenged every day to be creative, solve problems, and meet deadlines. My coworkers have turned into my family while some have turned into exceptional mentors to help me grow in my career.

    I've recently signed an offer to work for this company full time and I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who's willing to hustle for the things that will make you feel fulfilled and valuable.

    Lauren Marlowe has used this product for one year.
  • Yitzchak Young
    Yitzchak YoungI’m currently studying Marketing.

    It is a great program for launching your career and fast-tracking your portfolio in whatever industry you want to get into.


    The community is still new so it’s still developing, but given how new they are, I say they’ve come a long way in a short time.

    I didn’t have much hope for reaching my dreams and creating the career I wanted until I joined Praxis. I didn’t go to college, so I was always trying to make it on my own. I was a freelancer for a while, and then I started my own business with my brother, but nothing seemed to work out and I never knew why. It wasn’t until I realized that I needed the help of advisors to guide me in the right direction that things started moving. Having the Praxis community has also had a profound impact on not only my productivity, but on my view of the world as well.

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  • Pros: 

    Affordable (net zero cost), challenging, great network of alumni


    Still growing their network of business partners but it continues to get better

    I did this program during the early stages (started in September of 2014). They have continued to improve it! This program requires grit and hard work but allows young people to get ahead of their peers in launching a career and gaining valuable skills.
    I do not regret my decision to do the program and recommend it to ambitious young people who want more than college.

    Mary Kate Lewis has used this product for one year.
  • Mitchell Broderick
    Mitchell BroderickSVP, Platform Marketing

    Because of Praxis, I made/make a whole bunch of money


    No cons, my goal was to learn to be valuable enough to make a bunch of money and I was able to do that.

    My BP taught me everything I'd ever need to know at a foundational level about sales and marketing, or more specifically, becoming a persuasive communicator, whether it is by phone, in person, or through writing. This is allowed me an incredible amount of freedom in my career. If you value creating a life with immense financial and professional freedom, Praxis is going to be a great start for you.

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  • Steven Schauberger
    Steven SchaubergerI love movies, writing, filming.

    You gain a strong sense of where you can add value, and how to do it.


    No cons.

    Praxis is a phenomenal business that is already changing the way I look at life, and the challenges is gives me. As a participant, I have been pushed by the advisors and the rest of the community to strive for the best in everything I do. Praxis is the only place that I have found that shares of the same passion towards the importance of creation as I do, and they have taken it to a whole new level. When I decided to choose Praxos over college, I was admittedly nervous, but upon my opening seminar I can say with 100% certainty that whatever doubt I had was eradicated. I believe strongly in they're program and the positive knowledge I will gain from it. I believe strongly in they're team of advisors that have help ed me along the path. Most importantly, and thanks to Praxis, I believe strongly in myself and my ability to create value wherever I go!

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  • Randi Hill
    Randi HillMarketing Apprentice

    Freedom to experience challenges and help to work through them.


    Limited (but growing) network as the concept of skipping college is becoming popular.

    I knew from the moment I heard of Praxis that I wanted to be involved. It took me three tries to refine my application and get my acceptance into the program. Once in the program I found a group of driven individuals that put in the hard work every day. They challenge you to grow, to expand your thought process, and to work through the hard days one task at a time. Praxis not only allows you to kick start your career professionally but allows you to create friendships with people who are passionate about success as you! I've been in the community for 9 months and I started the program in March. My time has been just delightful! Every module is created to stretch you and push you just a little bit further out of your comfort zone. If you are looking for a way to individualize your education, look no more!

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  • Clark Davis
    Clark DavisOpperations, E-Commerce Business School

    Incredible community and support from advisors and fellow participants.


    I honestly can't think of any good ones that would preclude someone from applying.

    I'm 28 years old and before I started Praxis, I thought I was stuck in a government job that I found uninteresting and unfulfilling. The Praxis team and the community they've built is outstanding. I started the program in January of 2018, and by April I had apprenticeship with a company selling e-commerce training and coaching. I'm still with them today, and I absolutely love my job. I feel like I contribute value to my company and help make a lasting impact on the lives of our clients. I recommend Praxis to everyone I can.

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  • John
    JohnProduct Manager @ Design Pickle

    Fast forwarding through college!


    Not really a con, but you have to be ready to leave your comfort zone and try new things.

    I still remember the day when I was walking on campus to my next class, listening to a podcast, and I heard about Praxis. I stopped in my tracks.

    I knew this was exactly what I needed to bypass through college and earn real, hands-on marketing experience. Which was something my college (or any college for that matter) really can't match.

    I went through the program over a year ago and I would highly recommend it to anyone who prefers raw experience over sitting in classes "learning" about largely outdated information.

    It improved my writing tenfold, helped morph me into a young professional, and I still get value out of the content Praxis regularly puts out.

    Everyone at Praxis is so dedicated to you. And beyond that, they're dedicated to ending the increasingly-expensive, failing higher education model that we've all been led to believe is the only way to get a "real" job.

    It was one of the best decisions I've ever made and was totally worth the few tough talks I had to have with my family when I told them I was officially dropping out of college.

    John has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Praxis has exceeded my expectations and I am only going into month two of the program. The Praxis advisors will always challenge you.


    I have no cons so far.

    The community is so helpful and your advisors are always there to help you overcome challenges. I am already receiving so much value from the program and I am happy I invested my hard earned money into Praxis. If you want to participate in this program, apply!

    Corey Purves has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    The perfect alternative to four years of college. If you feel ready to join the real world work force and start building your career.


    The education system is changing, however, most people won't accept any alternatives to the degree, despite what Praxis offers and delivers.

    I tend to get carried away and write a lot, especially because the pro box was so small. I love this program. It's perfect for me. And I'm only in month 1...) I want society to accept the changing education system and respect the different paths of learning that ultimately end up in similar places with a career.

    Praxis is the perfect alternative to four years of college. If you feel ready to join the workforce directly after high school graduation, or you find out that college is not for you, I highly recommend applying to this program (it’s free to apply). It's only one year of time you are investing in, including a boot camp of business lessons, personal branding, and learning skills that you will need in the real business world and a guaranteed 6-month apprenticeship at a startup company. College teaches you for four years, and then you’re put out on your own to find an internship or job.

    Praxis has built a strong community of self-starters, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and intelligent people who all have become successful without a college degree after going through the program and working with a business partner.

    Not having a college degree nowadays makes it harder to even get an interview for a corporate job. Praxis teaches you all the essential skills you need to join the business world in 6 months and then you have the opportunity to work as an apprentice with a start-up company in order to gain real world experience.

    The only con of Praxis, is that you don't receive a typical diploma or proof of a degree (which is basically the point of the program--an alternative to the degree) and many people will not accept you without that degree, no matter how intelligent you are or how many good skills you have to offer. Despite Praxis being an amazing program, helping so many people learn skills and receive jobs through their apprenticeships, the college opt-out choice still hasn’t been fully accepted by our society as an equal alternative to a degree.

    I argue that Praxis is a better education program than college is at preparing you for the real-world of business and all the tools necessary to succeed. Receiving experience by apprenticing at a startup company, being able to practice and implement the skills you learned through the bootcamp while also learning skills on-the-job, and physically interacting with a business company is much more important. Experience is what gives you credibility. It’s what shows people that you not only can learn skills, but you can also implement them and perform.

    Not attending college used to be the norm; it used to be a rare privilege to get to go away for more education for our grandparents. For this generation, attending college was the norm and the next step following an average child’s education.

    I think the world is really starting to see and begin to understand that college might not be necessary for everyone, despite applying for the same job. I am writing this review, and talking with all my friends and family, because I want Praxis to reach more people in order to show them the physical proof that in one year you are capable of learning the skills needed to prepare for your real world business job, without the need for a degree. The education system has been changing drastically, and I hope that Praxis helps change that stigma of going to college for a degree to get a job. To opt-out of college is still considered a non-conformity, even with programs like Praxis out there and proof of all the Praxian alumni having successful jobs and businesses. Society is beginning to see the proof of success through alternate paths and soon we will accept the equality of ending up in the same position by becoming a college graduate or completing the Praxis program or any other form of new-style learning.

    Kate Ray has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Praxis is for anybody including those considering a career transition or anybody who wants to enhance their professional development.


    I would not recommend the Internship/Scholarship program. Not to say it isn't worth checking out.

    I love Praxis and what the team has put together. The blogs, podcasts, and videos have helped others and myself improve upon their professionalism. Every time I read their blogs or listen to their podcasts I get so many aha moments. Praxis isn't just about internships. It is helping reshape the way we think and approach the professional world and how to add value to the community and workplace.

    James Beer has used this product for one year.
  • Ryan Law
    Ryan LawStudent

    -You gain a body of work

    -You have advisers who all have lots of years of experience to learn from and get feedback from.

    -1 year course


    -It's all done online up till the apprenticeship.

    -Praxis is a path less taken and less socially accepted

    When I found out about Praxis It seemed like the best choice to move forwards to take my first steps into the professional business world. I have currently been in the Program for several months, and it has been great. Everyone in Praxis is very helpful and encouraging. Praxis is a 1 year program but after the year ends you are not kicked out of the program. It is a point in time where I am heading into a lot of unknowns. But with the Praxis team there by my side I can say I am confident to give my best efforts and see where I end up from here!

    Ryan Law has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Fantastic community and amazing advisors that help you get the most out of your apprenticeship


    No cons. Praxis does everything they say and then some. If you're willing to put in the work, you won't leave disappointed.

    As soon as I joined the online community of participants, alumni and advisors I knew that Praxis was the best decision I could have made for my career.

    I immediatley dived into the curriculum, workshops and group disucssion to start building my personal website, pitch deck and learning how to pitch yourself to businesses without a degree.

    Within 4 months (before my offical start-date) I'd landed an internship that I leveraged into a full-time marketing role, working remote for a company in Australia. Now, a year and a half later, I'm still there and am incredibly satisfied with the skills I've been able to learn, and experience I've gained.

    Throughout the entire experience all of my Praxis advisors were there to bounce ideas off of, offer guidance and connect me with other participants/alumni to talk things through with.

    Without a doubt, Praxis has been a life changing experience that I'll never regret and look forward to continuing as a recent grad.

    Caitlyn Scheel has used this product for one year.
  • nathan partsch
    nathan partschPraxis Bootcamp advocate

    Growing community of people that are always willing to help, many advisors that you can reach at anytime for guidance, support and feedback.


    Its not for everyone

    I've been in the praxis "boot camp" for three months now and have learned a lot thus far. I've learned how to manage my time a lot better by reading workshops and implementing tips and tools from people in the community. Every week inspiring people are invited to speak to the group and I find that alone so valuable. There are constantly opportunities to grow and people are always giving out recommendations to books which I've learned to love.

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  • Brad Matthews
    Brad MatthewsMarketing Machine Mechanic, PARADOX

    Great community of top quality people, tons of support from mindset to career to negotiation. Lots of opportunity for growth and learning.


    The 3-4 cons I had have all been corrected. Just know all responsibility to extract value from the program is on you — as it should be.

    The single most important, challenging, and life-changing educational / professional program I have ever been a part of. My growth from where I was 3 years ago is nothing short of profound.

    Go through the program, consume the blog posts, and put them into practice. Do that and you will never again have to worry about getting a job you want.

    The value you receive is as much as the effort you're willing to put in. The best part is life-time access to the community, if you fall short you can make it up to yourself later on. You will be challenged, you will be engaged, and you will be driven to continually improve and grow. I cannot recommend the program highly enough.

    Brad Matthews has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Learn the useful business skills and mindset that school didn't teach you



    I was a participant in the first Praxis class in 2014. It's changed a bit since then, but all for the better. Praxis taught me practical skills needed to get and excel at a career, especially at a small business or startup, and the mindset/philosophical foundation needed to develop on my own. It's been a privilege to remain a part of the community and continue to grow with them as an alumnus even after my official time as a participant has passed.

    Chris Morbitzer has used this product for one year.