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@kivilicom · Built the first travel agent in WhatsApp
One of the worst onboardings, directly skipped it. And I am really interested in the travel sector, working on a product there aswell. The thing is: First step is to agree to T&C. I don't have any thoughts on the app until then, this is the very first step I have to do when using your app and your brand. The second step, without knowing why, is asking for my mobile phone number. You really, in my opinion, need to work on the onboarding. You will loose a lot of customers there you acquire for a lot of money. I would recommend to show the benefits of the app first, let the user do a first entry for example (my next trip should go to...) so he is already invested. Maybe let him invite some friends. I don't see any need you need to have my mobile number for this. The T&C don't need to be so prominent, maybe combine them with a signup or combine them with the notifications. That, by the way, was the very first thing that came right up. Forgot about that, even worse. Just my 2 cents, hope it helps. Good luck guys, will test it as soon as I don't have to enter these things.
Baragur Venkatesha
@baragur_venky · Founder - @pravaapp
@kivilicom Appreciate your time & effort in contributing to this listing. We are glad you voiced your thoughts. Unless one has transferred the app package directly to the device & installed it, we feel the app stores have invested a lot in terms of providing insight into what the user is getting into. Specific to Prava, there is no 'caveat emptor'...there is a link which explains why user has to provide the phone number even before the user has to enter it. The rationale behind this is that friends always travel with their contacts and the contact sync which happens in the user's device will avoid the traveler the hassle of adding cumbersome user-ids, names & handles... not to mention saving the user the trouble from logging-in / out. We are pretty happy with the install-to-registration metric till now. That said, we are always on top of user development and rationalizing the feedback - yours is logged in as well! Cheers! - Venky, Founder @pravaapp