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PractiTest is a cloud based Innovative test management tool. A technology and methodology leader in the field of Application Life Management (ALM), PractiTest provides its customers with the best in class End-to-End system to meet their Testing and QA needs.
David Beck
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    Jira integration, automation integration, kanban board, smart filters, support


    Can't think of any

    Before we started using PractiTest, we used Excel for managing our QA process, and that consumed a lot of time from our testing team. Ever since we have implemented PractiTest, the process is much more fluid and the visibility much greater. PractiTest has many advantages. For us, the seamless integration with Jira and managing our automation and manual tests in one centralized place are the main benefits. Other than that, I really like the information sorting system with the smart filters and the brilliant kanban board. If all of that is not enough the availability and treatment from their support and customer success team is simply unbelievable. Every time we have encountered an issue or had any question, we immediately got a response from the team and they did not rest until we were satisfied. Highly recommended!

    David Beck has used this product for one year.
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zigmound frauid
zigmound frauid@zigmound_frauid · a father of two kids
Sounds great! I was just looking something like that for my firm. Need some time to think the idea over! Great job
silvia brook
silvia brook@silvia_brook · director
Check out a software I have integrated in my business last year hvac management software. It really works well for my business and it grows even faster than I have expected