Learn-by-doing personal finance for kids 💰

PracticeBank help kids become financially responsible by giving them simulated credit card, checking and savings accounts where parents act as bankers. For your child's allowance, use PracticeBank to teach personal finance.
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Anthony Dito
Anthony DitoMaker@anthony_dito1
I decided go build PracticeBank because I believe the best way to learn to be financially responsible is by practice. Giving kids access to simulated credit cards I hope will teach them to use them wisely! Better to be $200 dollars in debt to your parents when you're 12 than $20,000 in debt to a bank when your 22, right?
Matias JC Tomei
Matias JC Tomei@matiast · Web Developer
Hi Anthony - just installed it and looks simple but exactly what it should do- so far what I can suggest is a setting to change currency? Because not everyone is with dollars and would like to use local currency. Thanks
Anthony Dito
Anthony DitoMaker@anthony_dito1
@matiast Thanks for the suggestion and the installation! I definitely still need to do a lot of work translating and internationalizing the app