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@15greenberg @sethlouey - cool idea, just joined the waiting list!!
Howdy Product Hunters! My name is Daniel and I am on of the creators of PR X VH. I will be here all day to answer questions and help out. A bit of back story on how this came to be, I found so many great startups out there who had ZERO dollars. So, even the cheapest PR packages did not work for them. Right now, thanks to http://venturehunt.org, this package is completely free. Once again, I will be here all day to answer your questions. Thanks
@15greenberg Hi Daniel. it says on the site the PR agent will contact 40+ pubs to gauge interest. I have a VR/big data start up. Their story could run in both tech, VR and biz news. 1) Do you segment media outlets by type/theme? 2) how do you handle exclusivity? I know BIG pubs like techCrunch, for example, will only run something if they have exclusivity.. 3) do you craft a PR release schedule based on type of product or is it a "one size fits all"? TX in advance for your help...:)
@15greenberg \last thing. are you automatically accepted for PR, or is there a waiting list? What kind on NDA is there in place to secure privacy of IP
@patrickamori thanks for the question, these are all questions we will ask in your intake. But regarding the segmenting, our team mixed with machine learning algorithms can find out what the best way to do this is. Regarding exclusivity, that is something that is up to you. We keep you in the loop so if you want TC more than anything and they need an exclusive that is up to you.
@patrickamori yes, everyone who applies with a real startup gets PR. The waiting list is in place to decide who gets called first. Regarding the NDA, we cannot sign them mainly because journalists will not sign them and thus we cannot share them as we need to.
@15greenberg many thanks! will give it a try for sure!!!!
This product has a striking number of similarities to PRX, which was recently featured on Product Hunt. https://www.producthunt.com/tech.... The name itself (PR X VH vs PRX), the price point (it's free now but the "normal price is $500" which is same as PRX) the number of pitches (40+), the general format of the landing page. I'm friends with Ricky so not an unbiased observer, but it's hard not to feel like this is a straight ripoff of PRX.
@jasonshen to reply to that for one their product is 500 a month while ours is a one time fee. In addition, the free aspect is a major differentiator which we will keep for sometime and most importantly we use machine learning.
Seems to be a very interesting service for early-stage start-ups. We signed-up with TawiPay and I look forward to give it a try and see if it can help us spread our story! Will come back here to report if it is successful ;-) !
Pretty sweet offering! Just signed up with getbeau.com :)