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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2020
Help a reporter out by responding to PR Requests and get quoted by elite journalists in media outlets read by millions! Subscribe for free today to start searching our database and get our newsletter 🚀
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I can't see your privacy policy, terms and conditions, list of third parties who have access to our data (this includes things like Crisp or FOMO) nor a "delete account" button, and you're accepting payments on the website. This looks like a clear violation of GDPR. Currently the latest PR Request is "lοοking fοr gаy, bi аnd quееr mеn fοr аn аrticlе аbοut hοοk-ups." – if you want people to trust your platform enough to respond to sensitive PR Requests like these, you might want to take your users' privacy seriously and provide a big privacy policy, terms, clarify how you keep their data safe, and provide a way for them to delete their account. [EDIT : After a long thread of messages, they now have these.] – Moral of the story, *you have a right to privacy* folks, always challenge companies and demand it!
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@johnozbay Hey John thanks for commenting! You're right user privacy is really important here. I'm going to get started on a privacy policy and publish that asap. Also in the case of sensitive user messages, we don't actually store any user data––we simply display contact info (email, phone, social), then you send messages through those clients. Additionally, there are unsubscribe links in every email 👍 Thanks again John!
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@juhaszhenderson In order to give a journalist's (Alice) contact info to a source (Bob), you need to check whether if the source (Bob) is a paid PR Requests member. This is your business model correct? Which means, Alice the journalist posted an inquiry like: "lοοking fοr gаy, bi аnd quееr mеn fοr аn аrticlе аbοut hοοk-ups." (a real example from your product) Then Bob, the source, clicks contact after seeing this specific inquiry. So now you know which source clicked on which inquiry by which journalist. So you know Bob -> Clicked on : "lοοking fοr gаy, bi аnd quееr mеn fοr аn аrticlе аbοut hοοk-ups." -> to respond to Alice's inquiry. Meaning that, you know (and can know) journalist's sources. In this context, you can also infer / know that Bob, the source, fits into the category of "gay/bi/queer men". So here's what you know about Bob, the source, just based on this example : First & Last Name (from the payment information) Zip Code (from the payment information) Email (from the signup) Bob's gender identity (based on the inquiry), Bob's sexual preferences (also based on the inquiry) These are very sensitive pieces of information, especially when combined together. So whether if you store this or not, you have the capability to learn so much about the sources from the context alone. Therefore, you need to have a proper privacy policy, and show your users how much you can learn about their personal lives simply by observing the articles they click on. (Or how much of their personal information would be leaked if your company gets hacked) –– Finally, you need terms and conditions. During signup, I didn't agree to anything like "I won't be scraping all journalists' posts & contact information from your website" – So a single paying user can scrape all your journalist's posts and contact information, use it, sell it, release for free, and you wouldn't have a legal leg to stand on without proper terms.
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@johnozbay Come on dude. The guy is doing a startup. Don't be such a stickler for rules. He will sort shit out when he gets the time. Until then, it is a great product. Matt – a tip is to copy the GDPR terms and conditions doc from another website and adapt it to your startup.
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@gavri_birnbaum Those “rules” are written in law in EU under GDPR, and CCPA in US. + All tax paying businesses have to have company information on the website if they accept payments online. Otherwise people could get scammed, companies could avoid tax etc. Being a startup doesn’t exempt anyone from obeying laws, and disrespecting others’ legal rights.
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@johnozbay written by a bunch of octogenarian bureaucrats in Belgium. Generating huge legal fees for startups just getting started. Doing next to nothing to really protect user data. This product creates value. There is nothing the EU, GDPR or anyone can do about that. Value first. Stupid legal compliance later.
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Happy 2020 PH! 🎊 When journalists need an expert source for a new article they post requests like “I’m looking for a tech founder who's moving to Asia and not raising VC for a new piece about digital nomads” They post these requests in dozens of places online like HARO, group chats, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Reddit, etc If you want to get press coverage, responding to these requests is your best bet––BUT monitoring thousands of these requests is basically impossible, especially because they’re often anonymous To solve this, we source them all for you every hour, match them to our journalist database to de-anonymize them, then make them all searchable While this PR strategy used to take hours of work every week, with PR Requests you can maximize your coverage with less than 5 mins of work every day Unlike competitive products like HARO, we offer both a daily newsletter of requests + a search engine for FREE If you want to respond to a request directly, you can get full access to the service for $69/mo! If you use our discount code PRODUCTHUNT you can get 40% off forever 👍 I’m around all day here & on live chat if you have any questions or need any help! – Matt, Aaron, & Andrew from Press Hunt
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Congrats on the ship! HARO hasn't been updated in ageeeees and hunting down these PR request does get fairly time-consuming. I think this is a really good idea to capture, categorize and collect these. Is it possible to get notifications for specific journalists and/or topics?
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@tim_nugmanov Thanks Tim! Alerts coming ASAP 🚀
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This is a great feature. I’ve been using Press Hunt for the past year and have generated a ton of PR. This new feature is amazing. I used to use Haro before Press Hunt so very familiar with how this can benefit. Thanks!
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@danielle_biondo Thanks for the review Danielle! Glad Press Hunt's been useful 👍 We've got a bunch more coming in the next month!
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Looks pretty interesting. Great job on doing this!
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@narek_vardanyan Thanks Narek! Looking forward to your feedback!