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Macbook charger with built-in USB-C & USB hub

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 16, 2019

USB-C charger for Macbooks that also functions as a USB hub and charging station with 3 integrated USB-A ports and a built-in USB-C cable.

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Juil Yoon
Juil YoonHunter@juil_yoon · Photographer. Programmer for fun.
The Homeylabs team doesn't seem to be active on social media. No twitter account as far as I can tell and no new posts on Facebook or Instagram since 2017. Their shopping page still seems to be functional (through Shopify), though I haven't tested it myself yet. EDIT: As @samrye_enspiral mentions below, read the reviews before buying. There seems to be a lot of negative reviews of the product itself. Looks like this was originally a crowdfunded product and they stopped communication once the campaign was over. EDIT2: It doesn't look like there is a way to delete this product from the website, but is there any way to deal with products that are known to be cheap/bad? It seems somewhat irresponsible to leave it up. I don't imagine most people will read the comments.
Michael@michaeltieso · Developer Advocate @ Automattic
@juil_yoon That's too bad. I thought it was clever.
Sam Rye
Sam Rye@samrye_enspiral · Founder
Maybe worth reading these reviews before purchase: https://www.instagram.com/homeyl...
Brandon Carson
Brandon Carson@brandon_carson
@samrye_enspiral I can't believe they're still selling this thing - I've seen nothing but bad reviews from the get go. I ordered one during the kickstarter campaign and I'm afraid to use it since there have been multiple reports of it shorting out the users electronics. Stay away!
Evan Kimbrell
Evan Kimbrell@evankimbrell · Founder, Sprintkick
$129? The f? I'll just wait for the copycats
andreHiring@andre_z · Developer
Would be awesome to have a charger, usb hub and a powerbank in one.
Matt@mzuvella · Director of Marketing @ FamePick
Looks awesome but price point is too high for my taste.