Powerray Underwater Drone

Robot fishing buddy you never knew you had

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@tjwise_ · Founder, Mod Cabinetry
Frankly, I hope this is a sinker for public use. It's totally a threat (think spooking, bumping, obstructing schools, being eaten by large mammal) to the underwater life that is already under assault by our shipping tankers and Global Climate Change. I hope that a nature group kills this one or it's found to be illegal under a mammal protection act. Just go … See more
ed wassermann
@visavis_kid · code && design
For underwater exploration, I’m more than sold. On the other hand, I hate the idea of giving skill-less, ruthless douchebags a foolproof tool to scavenge our oceans some more.
Sanem Avcil
@sanemavcil · Appreneur / Tech Influencer
The PowerRay underwater drone finds fish and films them in 4K