An autoreply toolkit for Twitter

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I like Twitter because it is real-time. I don't like auto-sharing and I know big power users like @khanoisseur and @garyvee feel the same. Why put out content if you are not there to engage with any response? To me, that's just a way to try and get more followers, in-authentically. Similar scenario for auto-replies, I'm not sure what the big benefit would be for doing this. It's still in-authentic. As ryan said, an AFT (Away From Twitter) feature would be a cool one. But then there could always just be a green/grey dot to show online or not (like in FB messenger/Sack etc) On the homepage I'd suggest having a video or screenshots of how it looks in action before asking to sign up. I'd be less inclined to do so without seeing it.
@bentossell @khanoisseur @garyvee - thanks for the comments Ben. The auto reply tool is being used by our clients at brndstr.com all the time and PowerPack is a self serve product to allow people who are in this space to easily create their own. We have already seen a few cool auto replies being created and it has similar possibilities that Assist has but on Twitter. The product is still only accessible via code so we can gather feedback and the AFT and details on homepage are in the works and will be added soon. Appreciate the comments though πŸ‘
@hudson No problem. I've no doubt that people are using them, but my personal opinion is that I don't see why auto-replies on Twitter are used. Like I said, I think they are in-authentic (its pretty obvious) and often sent when you are not around to reply. Same can be said for buffer-style products that let you schedule posts. I just don't see the point.
As a request from Mr Hoover we will be shipping an AFT (Away From Twitter) feature that will act as an OOO for Twitter... Watch this space! πŸš€
Useful, although I'd love to be able to auto-respond to every tweet that @mentions me (only once every X days or for all time) when I'm OOO. Any way to support this, @hudson?
@rrhoover - heres a deal, if I get it shipped before you go on holiday will you feature Powerpack on PH 😍 / When do you head OOO? 😎
@hudson I'm already OOO so hurry up! πŸ˜‰
@rrhoover - it is now live man!
Introducing PowerPack for Twitter. We just launched the platform that allows you to easily create Emoji or #Tag Auto Replies on Twitter. Use code MEOW2016 for a special Product Hunt activation plan!
This is neat tool! Love the simplicity.