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Kevin ColliganMaker@kevincolligan · Founder, KevCol Labs LLC
Hi all! I'm Kevin, the guy who made this wacky game. I’ve been toiling away on POTUSpalooza from an undisclosed location for the past few months. I’m excited about it, but the important thing is what YOU think. If you have a moment, please give the game a spin and share any feedback or suggestions you like. BTW, a new release should be out soon which has improvements driven largely by user feedback. I'll drop at least one more release after that, so tell me what you'd like to see. Thanks much for dropping by. Cheers!
Prasid Pathak@prasid · Growth, Bloc
@kevincolligan hah. "undisclosed location" is a nice touch.
Chris Slowik@chrisslowik · Designer, Co-Founder @ designers.how
This is awesome! Super fun and hilarious =]
Kelly McCormick@kelly_mccormick
9.1 only 😟 Sad for us jailbroken users.
Kevin ColliganMaker@kevincolligan · Founder, KevCol Labs LLC
@kmccormi Sorry, Kelly. I've got ReplayKit in there, which is iOS 9 only
Kelly McCormick@kelly_mccormick
@kevincolligan im on iOS 9. Just not 9.1. I'm on 9.0.2 :)
Kevin ColliganMaker@kevincolligan · Founder, KevCol Labs LLC
@kmccormi Oh! I'll be submitting an update this week ... will see if I can make it work for 9.0
Kelly McCormick@kelly_mccormick
@kevincolligan yay thanks! Looks like a hoot. Can't wait.
Kevin C. Bell@kevin_c_bell · Enterprise #BusinessAnalyst
All Bloc-ers gotta give this app some growth hackin' lovin'. :-)