Keep your to-do list short, useful and motivating.

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Hi PH community, founder here. Would really appreciate your feedback on this project. Our vision behind Postpone is simple: There is so much software in that particular field, but they all do pretty much the same: stack the tasks one above the other. The more you use the tool, the less productive it is. It’s a bit paradoxical and this is the main reason why I started working on Postpone. If something doesn't need your attention now you shouldn't see it.
@vincenzor the more I think about it, I am more and more in agreement with you. To-do list is a burden and makes you feel as if you have to do it. Keeping that list in postpone makes sense and it is not taxing.🐶
@sridhar_kondoji @vincenzor thank you! you shouldn't feel bad postponing things, everybody do ;)
Those illustrations are so cute 😊
@syswarren thx! they have been made by @sokratus
@syswarren Yeah, reminds me of Dropbox's style.
@syswarren Thanks! 3 years too late but reading this now actually made my day. 😺
You had me at "postpone." A to-do list is mentally exhausting. There can be guilt and anxiety associated with tasks. It's tricky to get it just right. This sounds like a good idea.
So useful, right on target. I added it to my collection of ToDo apps:
anytime I see a slack integration my respect for a project skyrockets.