PostMuse for Instagram

Design Instagram posts using templates, fonts, emojis


PostMuse helps you post professional-looking posts to Instagram more often. Find your inspiration by browsing through templates, edit them and make them your own. There are plenty of fonts to choose from, images backed by Unsplash and emojis. We also do our best to suggest colors to use, starting from your image. Be gentle, this is our beginning 🚀

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11 Reviews5.0/5

It's a useful design tool for mobile.


Easy to create new Instagram posts


It's at the beginning, it needs more templates

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I liked the experience. It is simples and I created beatiful posts.


Simple to use


In first usage it downloads the models

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Júlio, even if I'm saying this a bit late, thank you very much for your review! I hope you will reach out if you have suggestions or if you encounter any issue. I would also like to let you know we added Story support and fixed a lot of issues in our latest release. Thank you again!