Same great service, now with a completely new look and feel

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@sm Could change your description to something that describes the app? I don't know what postmates is.
a few fun facts about this release: 1. Official color is seafoam. We went full on seafoam. 2. Our search has gotten better. Before, typing in burrito would only show you places that have burrito in the name, now it'll show places that sell burritos! 3. Lots of people thought the only places we delivered from were in our featured places list, so we made our search bar prominent in the header. ...and if you haven't checked it out yet, we partnered with Everlane to get you some clothes delivered in under an hour:
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If you guys are interested in learning more about what went into this release, reach out to @sm (product) @ekimia (eng) or @sonyka (design)
I recently used Postmates for the first time ever (yeah, I'm late to the game). I received my request within 30 mins. Well worth the ~$7 to save me the trip. I'm a fan.
@rrhoover Really?? I thought you were a long time user :) ps: Loved the extended Postmates shout out towards the end of Eps 22:
This is awesome. I'm one of the founders. Ask me stuff you like to know about us and i will do my best to answer.