Postmates Party

Order from nearby, trending restaurants for free

#3 Product of the DayMarch 20, 2019
Postmates Party shows you a list of restaurants that people all around you are ordering from in real-time. Join a Party and never pay a delivery fee.
Available now on iOS and Android.
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We're excited to launch Postmates Party today. Check it out in our iOS and Android apps and let us know if you have any questions!
@basti Well done, this really helps yall with order bunching and should really help make sure your partners do better while helping more of america be able to afford the delivery!

I usually get free delivery with Postmates unlimited. I want more restaurants and faster delivery!


Free Delivery. Awesome!


I'd like more options for restaurants, and some extra deals because I already pay for Postmates unlimited.

Good point. We will launch a sort of $ kickback for Unlimited soon - stay tuned!

This could be a fun space for other types of deals


Since I rarely know what I want to eat, this helps. Interesting to see what other people are ordering. Efficiency is always good!



It's like the UberEats countdown.. but more fun with better restaurants.


Fun, free delivery, duh. Also, fun to see what's trending.



Cool. It’s the pool of food delivery.