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brb writing a Hipchat bot that brings us tacos
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@basti PS we're in Austin and we use Postmates and we host hackathons. This might actually happen, haha.
@clarklab We would love to power the next one! Let's connect at: bastian@postmates.com
Anyone have ideas for what you want to build on the Postmates API? We're giving away $100,000 in delivery credits for the best ideas -- some suggestions here https://postmates.com/developer/...
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Can't wait to see what people build with this. The Everlane integration is such a great example for others to follow.
Hi, Bastian here from Postmates. We're super excited about the launch of our API and we hope many of you will find it useful. Let us know if we can answer any questions. We're here! ;)
Here are some more resources in regards to the API. From a business perspective, and from an engineering perspective: http://blog.postmates.com/post/1... http://blog.postmates.com/post/1...