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Personalized editorial for your company's social media


PostmastR is an on-demand social media manager for time-poor founders, bootstrapped startups, and developers. Get personalized creatives & engaging captions for your social media.

4 Reviews
 +5 reviews
  • Zach SwetzProduct Manager in Pittsburgh

    Great, incredibly responsive team that provides just what you need.



    Team is great to work with, which is what makes this product work. If you're looking to create compelling graphics and content quickly, these are your people.

    Zach Swetz has used this product for one month.
  • Prattusha CSenior Marketing Scientist, Kvantum Inc.

    They make customized social media posts along with creatives, that is backed up with well researched social media strategies.



    What I liked about PostmastR is the team behind it. They are knowledgeable, kind and fast. They know what they are doing. They also make quick changes, if there are any iterations required.

    Big thumbs up to the team.

    Prattusha C has used this product for one week.
  • LOCODORDirector of Operations

    Amazing Content creation worth every penny.

    Customer Service is 100%

    The Content they provide is really really tailor-made



    I am very happy so far. I really hope they stay this good as they grow.

    LOCODOR has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Can't tell. Doesn't work right.


    Doesn't work. Says I have 9 connected profiles, but shows zero. No Add-ons, re-post does nothing, analytics does nothing; just doesn't work.

    Appears to just be broken. Can't tell if it's no longer operational, or what.

    They did make two meme images, but they were really bad.

    Solomon Kleinsmith has used this product for one week.