Track deleted tweets for verified users w/ 10k+ followers ✅

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This will likely get shut down by Twitter soon... but for now, PostGhost lives on 🐥👻
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@nivo0o0 I came here exactly to say that. As this goes against the usage of their API which clearly states that when a Tweet is deleted, the consumer should also delete it -> something like that.
@joantune @nivo0o0 except if they are a public figure as demonstrated by
@paulmwatson @nivo0o0: I could not find the reference for what I said earlier. I searched on: but I clearly remember reading that one should the best one could to not show deleted tweets.. maybe they changed that.. maybe they just didn't noticed that and this app just passed through the cracks
@joantune @nivo0o0 yes technically you can't but it's a special arrangement for politwoops. They were shut down and then resuscitated after a lot of negotiation between Twitter and the Sunlight Foundation.
@paulmwatson @nivo0o0 cool, I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing
Deleted tweets don't necessarily mean a bad thing btw... Especially with no edit function on Twitter. And I deleted tweets from my personal account all the time (and from @ProductHunt sometimes if I don't like how something was worded, etc...) Will have to try deleting something from @ProductHunt to see if it shows up on PostGhost 😁
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@nivo0o0 In that case, PostGhost could show/diff the next few tweets done by the account, to see if that person corrected a typo or otherwise just tweaked a recent tweet.
Very cool! Would be great if we could filter by people we follow and/or tech folk.
It's like but for celebs. Can't see it lasting sadly, was hard enough getting back in agreement with Twitter.