mco reviewedPostedoSimple Instagram scheduler that publishes for you

Post w/o the inconvenience of having to do it in prime hours or from a tiny screen.


Requires downgrading authentication to remove two-factor.

I would love to use this product but would not under its current constraints.

mco has used this product for one day.
Patrik Krupar
Patrik Krupar@pkrupar · Maker. Indie hacker.
@mco, 2FA (Two-factor authentication) has to be only turned off during the add Instagram account process because I haven't had time to tweak Postedo so it can work with it (to know which buttons to press and when). However, after your account has been added to Postedo you can and should turn the 2FA on. In Postedo there's even a message suggesting to users that we encourage turning it back on after the process has been completed. By turning the 2FA on, you can also test that we seriously don't use your password when publishing posts for you. I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough before in the comments and it took me so long to clarify it.