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Create awesome emails with drag & drop simplicity 😻


Postcards is an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that includes more than 70 components to help you create custom emails for your subscribers faster than ever before. Change the color of any button and background to match your brand colors, choose from 800+ fonts to complement your design.

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Albert Poghosyan
Corey Haines
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    Nice idea


    Very glitchy GUI behavior. This software is not really usable.

    The tool wouldn't let me use the free trial--every time I tried to drag an element over to the workspace I got a popup saying I needed to upgrade to the paid version. Upgraded and tried to use it. When you drag an element onto the work area, an edit menu opens on the right. That menu would not scroll down for me to see all of the editable fields. I could sometimes see the top of a text box to enter data, but couldn't get to it. Tried two current version browsers. Waited 25 minutes for chat response. Never got one. Asked for a refund. Will report on how that went after.

    UPDATE: Company refused to refund. Sent me some explanation about downloads that didn't apply to what I purchased.

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  • Corey Haines
    Corey HainesMarketer, Maker, Indie Hacker

    Best email generator to date



    Been waiting for this product for a long time. Best email generator I've come across. Must try

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