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This is pretty neat, I can tell ya this is definitely something my friends and I would use. Hope you expand beyond NYC sometime soon!
Giancarlo T. Roma
Giancarlo T. RomaMaker@giancarlo_t_roma · COO at Postcard
Thanks @domainoji, like many social apps our target audience is skews younger but it's really for anyone looking for fun new places and experiences in NYC. My co-founder @dpmatts and I are native New Yorkers and know the city very well, but even we faced the age old "where we should be go tonight?" question way too often. That's why we built Postcard. We don't think people should have to settle for an average night, but instead should always be able to discover new, hidden places around the city that they'll love.
Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidPro@nickabouzeid · Only the hottest Twitter takes
Cool app! Fun to see new social/discovery stuff pop up, especially over the summers when interns/students are out & about, bored in new cities looking for things to do. Are there any differences between Postcard and Snap Maps? Curious to hear how you differentiate yourself. Thanks!
Giancarlo T. Roma
Giancarlo T. RomaMaker@giancarlo_t_roma · COO at Postcard
Thanks for the question @nickabouzeid! We definitely think Postcard can be very helpful for people who are new to the city. The main difference is that Postcard is venue-focused instead of people-focused -- based on our algorithm, it shows you the hottest places around the city based on the latest social media posting from a variety of platforms, including users posting to Postcard. All the content is tied to a venue and sorted by recency, so you only see what's relevant to you in making a decision about where to go to have a great night.
eamonncareyHunter@eamonncarey · Early stage investor.
I've been a big fan of Postcard since Danny first introduced the product to me a while back. Knowing where to go when you're out in any city in the world is tricky - the data that current exists is largely static and frequently out of date. The ability to see live photos, find amazing places you've never heard of and access discounts, exclusives and more is really cool. Looking forward to seeing this expand to many more cities over the coming weeks and months - and to seeing some of the cool stuff I know the team have up their sleeve as well.
Danny Matthews
Danny MatthewsMaker@dpmatts · Co-founder, Postcard
Thanks @eamonncarey for thinking about us. Hi Product Hunt! This is Danny, Co-founder of Postcard. We built Postcard out of need. The options of deciding where to go were outdated and unhelpful. We knew social media content and data could provide a better answer. Appreciate you taking a moment to check us out. Please feel free to post any questions/comments or reach out to me personally,
Cassandra Beaulieu
Cassandra Beaulieu@cassandra_beaulieu · Founder & Digital MKG @
This is such a cool app. I used when I was in NYC not too long ago and as I tourist, it was a fun way to discover new places to go to. I'll definitely suggest anyone visiting New York City to give it a try. Are you guys planning on expanding in other cities and/or countries?