Post Frequency

Visualise your blogging output

Post Frequency is a tool to visualise your blogging (and podcast) output.

It's step 1 towards helping people stick to their goals, quantification.

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Hi all πŸ‘‹, I'm Hugo and I run a blog called Code with Hugo (super original I know). Blogging has treated me well so I've started working on tools to help others get into it. Post Frequency is just for people who like (arguably) pretty pictures of their data. Protip: to get a nicer looking graph, try to bump up the length of your RSS feed. Let me know if you have any questions Hugo
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@hugo__df This is cool! I'm planning to start writing more so will try it again in about a month when I have more articles :)
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@anthilemoon πŸ™‚ you know where to find me
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Simple and useful. I like it.
@felicianotech thanks 😊 I'm always weary of giving myself too much to do and running out of steam, so I'm leaning the other way now, simple, has some value and just get it online asap
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Hi, Hugo. Can you explain how the tool gathers the number of posts from a URL? Does it have specific criteria that qualifies a post as complete? I ask because I ran my blog through the results seemed way off.
Cool idea, though. I'm in marketing and this can help analyse competitors' publishing patterns.
@s_narmadhaa In short: it fetches data from a website's RSS/Atom feed. If it's in the RSS/Atom feed it's a post, if it isn't, it's not.
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@s_narmadhaa A lot of platforms limit the number of items in an RSS feed (eg. Medium or cap it to 10-15 entries)
@hugo__df Ah, I see. Thanks!