Positive Tech Jobs

Make a meaningful impact with your tech skills.

Positive Tech Jobs is a curated job listing board that features tech jobs from companies and nonprofits with these primary impact areas: social, education, environmental, healthcare, and discovery.

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Hey Hunters! I’m pleased to launch my job listing site for tech positions at businesses and nonprofits that make a positive impact in the world. This idea was born out of the struggle to find tech jobs that fit my interests and are actively making an impact in the areas I want to contribute in. Seemingly multiple times over the last few years when I’m dipping in and out of a new existential crisis of meaninglessness I’ll start Googling away to try and find a tech job/company/project that would be a good fit - and it turns out they can be surprisingly difficult to find. So I made this one month MVP to help tech workers connect with jobs that are positively affecting the world in areas they’re passionate about.
Could work on the UI but digging the idea!
@federicocattaneo Thanks! Deploying some UI fixes on the search/grid now - last-minute changes always get me 🤦
@jppotess Good luck on the other 10 :)