Scrape websites visually


Gabriel Puliatti
@gpuliatti · Founder, Emptor
I've worked for Scrapinghub for the past two years, happy to answer any questions about Portia, its big brother Scrapy, or any part of our platform... or even web scraping in general! Us and our users are currently crawling 3.5 pages billion per month, or around 80,000 pages per minute. So we know a little bit about scraping. :)
ScrapingHub crew have been doing this a long time, and deliver good service. Since the untimely demise/acquihire of KimonoLabs, I'll be giving this a try.
Elia Morling
@tribaling · IdeaHunt.io
Looks cool. I am curious to learn what the top uses case for Portia are? I understand that people scrape, but what interesting things do they do with the data?
@clouvi · Managing Partner of SellPersonal.com
Cool and freaky logo!