Centralized people data for analysis, planning and new hires

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Hi Product Hunters, I’m Kirsti, Co-founder & CEO of Populate, we’re super excited to officially launch Populate! We’ve spent the last few months building a dedicated headcount planning and analytics application that’s perfect for SMB’s and high growth startups. What makes us different from spreadsheets or legacy systems is that we make it simple for HR, Finance and Managers to collaborate on people planning in a company. Plus we make it super easy to get a quick snapshot of your people data. Here are some of the great things we do; - Get a clear overview of your headcount costs and see how you’re tracking to budget - Request and approve headcount costs, comment on changes and @ mention your colleagues - Track changes made over time. No more spreadsheet revision history carnage - Analyze your data - slice and dice based on location, department, gender, etc We’re pretty enthusiastic about helping create better companies, and we know that one of the biggest challenges with growing a company is actually growing a company. Populate can help ensure the headcount planning process is timely, on budget, and the data being used is helping to scale companies successfully. And hey, it looks much nicer than a spreadsheet too :-) If you want to learn more about our journey and meet the team: https://populate.io/about We’re here to answer any of your questions! Cheers, Kirsti
Looks great guys! What is your most important use case? Or what problem are you solving for an SMB?
@gogrow Hi! Thanks so much and great question. Most companies manage their headcount tracking and planning in multiple spreadsheets. Keeping them in sync, managing changes (urgh, revision history in spreadsheets :poop:) and ensuring the right people have access to the right things is a real pain for people - particularly Finance & HR but also Managers who are accountable for their own budgets. Populate centralizes all that data, tracks all the changes, has in-app commenting and comprehensive user permissions to ensure the right access for the right people. We're pretty excited about the power a company will have with the data we're making more accessible too :-)
is it for the US market only?
@bogomep Hey, not at all. We built Populate with globally distributed customers in mind.
Hey @kirstigrant, did you know that your logo looks like @popmap (@idrisser)?
@idrisser Oh wow, that is crazy! No we definitely did not, how amazing is that!?! We have a similar logo AND both our names start with Pop... :O We really liked this design for Populate because it shows the P for Populate and it also shows how something smaller can get bigger (just like a company). Plus it wasn't like every other P in a logo that we'd seen around (seriously, there are so many) . We even reverse image searched to make sure there wasn't anything else like it. @popmap looks awesome though, hope you guys are rocking it! @batraatin
@kirstigrant @popmap @batraatin no worries, thanks for the message and best of luck with Populate!