Popslate 2

A better 2nd screen for your iPhone

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This looks awesome, but I fully expect Apple to change the form factor when they release the next iPhone, which would make this case incompatible. Like a lot of people in tech, I buy a new phone every year. These cases would arrive in June and iPhones come 2 months later in September. I wonder if a future version of this product could be designed so that the screen is separate and slides into a new frame. It probably wouldn't look as good, but would make me feel better about spending almost $150 on a case. Either way, I love the concept and it looks very well executed.
@bengold very good point. Might have to wait out the next announcement before jumping into this
@bengold agreed. I always get burned funding something like this. And if it says it arrives in June, that means most of the time you're lucky if it arrives this year.
@dberkowitz @bengold When friends of mine tell me "I'm so excited to get my ______ that I backed on Kickstarter on [date mentioned in campaign] !" I hate to be the guy who says, "Let me tell you a little something about those dates they promised you..."
@dberkowitz I always get burned funding anything.
@bengold Appreciate the comments and support. We are designing the hardware platform to be pretty modular but will have to spin new molds for each new iPhone model as you point out. If users decide to upgrade, we allow them to either "roll-over" their pre-sales order to the new model if they have not yet received their unit or purchase a new model for a significantly reduced price (<50% of MSRP).
I have reserved one on their indiegogo campaign ($80 off!). https://www.indiegogo.com/projec.... I love the ability to see my calendar or have my ticket handy without turning the phone on. The previous version was a bit thick, and was also limited. This will be awesome for travel because of the addition of an additional battery.
Backed! Excited to discover which pain points this can solve for me!
Notification centre on the back of your iphone, nice 👌