The notes app that lives in the status bar of your Mac

PopNotes is a macOS note-taking app that lives in the status bar of the Mac. It is instantly accessible so notes are always just a click away! It offers a collection of useful features that makes keeping and editing notes a fast and pleasant task!
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Hello 👋 Product Hunters! I'm Gabriel and I'm really happy that I'm sharing my new macOS application 🖥 with you today called PopNotes! It all started from my own needs to have an instantly accessible note taking app, without being necessary to switch among windows or to open others apps in order to keep a note. What I wanted was a note app that would always be accessible with just one click right when I needed it, that would keep my notes organised and that would help me bring some order to my notes mess. So here we are: I built PopNotes as a solution to what I was looking for; a note-taking app that lives in the status bar (top bar) of the Mac so it's always there when I want it, and it contains some features I had imagined in the first place. Among others, PopNotes allows to: - Manage notes in categories - Synchronize on iCloud so sharing notes between Macs is easy - Export to iCloud Drive - Import and export from and to local folders - Customize note appearance - Apply note-specific settings - Switch among various display sizes ... and a bunch of other features! Definitely more features will be added to the future, as I'm full of additional ideas and plans about PopNotes! Deeply thank you 🙏 for looking at my app! I really want to offer a small, yet a useful app to all people working with a Mac computer, and I hope I've achieved it! I wish you love ❤️ PopNotes and that you will find a handy tool ⚒️here today. Enjoy!
Niceee! Application looks very slick and has a very nice user experience. I love it 🖤 Congratulations!
@peteliev Thank you so much!!! 🙏I really appreciate your words and I honestly hope that it'll become a tool for Mac users!
Good idea
@vlad_valdes Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it! 😅
Looks very nice. Congrats!
@michaelthegeek I'm so grateful for your warm feedback! I really appreciate it! 🙏
Product Hunters, your opinion counts! What new features would you like to see in future updates?