The world's first animated GIF keyboard

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Hey Product Hunters, Head of API Relations of Workshop X here. What do you guys think of the app?
@karlclement When is the launch?
@erictwillis Hey Eric, we're in the process of submitting to the App Store and we're anticipating it being live shortly after the iOS8 launch.
@karlclement Thanks Karl. I love posting gifs so I'll probably use this a lot.
@erictwillis That's great to hear Eric! Let us know what you think once you download the keyboard.
@karlclement Really cool.Would love to try this . Might be useful for an app we are working on currently!
Cool. Was brainstorming about this idea a few weeks ago, but didn't think it was technically possible because of the limitations Apple puts on what a keyboard can return (only NSString's). Smart workaround by using copy/pasting! I was thinking of automatically suggesting GIFs based on what you're typing. Is that something you'll implement? I'm imagining a live search (maybe use www.giphy.com ?) where I can either 1) just tap an image any my text is replaced with that (e.g. "OMG" is replaced with an OMG picture), or 2) I can choose an image and my text is overlaid on it (white text, black border). Anyway, congrats on making this and working around Apple's limitations! Can't wait to see what other creative ways people can come up with to leverage these new keyboards.
"because Nicolas Cage GIFs are better than words" :)
this is the greatest thing i've ever seen.
@pomajp Thanks Jonathan!
@pomajp Thank you!
Hey all, I'm Nick and I'm the lead developer of the PopKey keyboard. Happy to answer any questions you might have at this stage. Cheers