Popit remembers so you don’t have to.

Thanks to patented automatic pill detection technology, the app alerts you only when you have forgotten a pill. Stay on track, worry less.

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Everyone needs reminders. This seems like it would be really helpful.
@jacqvon Yes, forgetting pills is such a pain, especially if they are contraceptive. I think Popit will help lots of women 💙
@jacqvon @abadesi Thanks for the comments! The smart reminder (reminds only if you forgot) is actually only one of the features we're working on. When Popit Sense hits the market, we will for example have pill counting, stats and insights & a feature to send email to a friend if you've forgotten too many pills in a row. Birth control pills were the natural place for us to start as pretty much all the BC pills globally come in blisters. We will expand to other medications later on. There is a lot of need: only around 50% of chronic patients take their medication correctly. For sure some causes of non-adherence cannot be solved with a smart pill reminder, but if with blood pressure or cholesterol pills we are able to improve adherence by even a few percentage points, we can already say the technology is saving lives.

I'm a co-founder at Popit and have been testing the product since the very beginning.


Automatic pill tracking, universal & reusable device, small, nice colors, reminds only if you forget, pill insights, long battery life.


Does not work with pill bottles.