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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 04, 2016

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Start the timer... When will it be taken down?
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@bentossell I give it 24 hours
@bentossell why doesn't someone build this as an actual app? Wouldn't that solve the issue?
@kenrossi Already exists.
@kenrossi @bentossell I think the point of this release is to prove the power of torrents-time, the technology behind the site. It doesn't matter if the site is taken down, anybody can now grab that tool and make a thousand hydras of torrent-streaming websites.
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Requires your system password to install the plugin... what could go wrong? :)
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Once again, Product Hunt condones piracy. Seriously people: PAY FOR YOUR CONTENT!
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@aaroncrocco Unfortunately, there is no legal alternative to Popcorn Time with the same content and ease of use.
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@tim_vermeulen I think you would be hard pressed to prove these movies and TV shows are not available to stream via rental or purchase through a legal service. While some content may be spread out (iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, etc) that does *not* mean there's "no legal alternative". If $5 to rent a movie is too expensive for you, I suggest you go to your local library, which is free.
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@aaroncrocco we don't... it was submitted and upvoted by the community
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@bentossell Fair enough but where is the PH team's input on this? I just said the same thing to Ryan on Twitter. The reason it's frustrating is that Product Hunt is an awesome site and I'm an author that creates for a living. So to see posts like this perpetuate the idea that creative content is allowed to be free pokes at a deep conviction. I have no problems with people wanting to consume movies, shows, books, music, etc, but when everyone believes the work put into creating those things should be free is where I have a big issue. It's a huge reason why many authors I know will forever have day jobs because people piracy outnumbers sales by massive margins.
We don't condone piracy -- this and others like it, are submitted and upvoted by the community. But I do 100% agree with you that people should pay for great content. I'm hopeful alternative business models succeed (e.g. monthly subscriptions via Spotify or Netflix, advertising-based revenue through YouTube) in compensating creators and providing an acceptable experience for consumers. On a related note, have you seen other creative models working?
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I think the new technology behind this is an even more important story to tell: https://torrentfreak.com/torrent...
Popcorn Time has made a comeback with the launch of "Popcorn Time Online" that allows you to stream all of the movies and TV shows it offers directly in your browser using a new plugin called Torrents Time. While Popcorn Time Online looks similar to its predecessor, it’s now using Torrents Time to embed a torrent client in the browser, instead of using HTTP.