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#1 Product of the WeekMay 19, 2015
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Yosi Taguri
Yosi Taguri@yosi_taguri
I give this site 24 hours to stay alive before their DNS is being taken down by hollywood
LJ Jones
LJ Jones@ljjones · Founder Winnowl.com
@yosit Totally agree. I love the idea, but wonder about licensing and copyrights.
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly@tibor_horvath1 · High school student
On onlinemovies1.biz you can watch films in HD quality via your browser from anywhere in the world. Movies load extremly fast and the best part is that there aren't any advertisements and it's absolutely free. The list of the movies is always updated, what's more, you can add subtitles to any movie if you want. Try it and have fun! :) site: onlinemovies1.biz
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Stuff like this always stirs up a discussion, my biggest question is: Why would you want to do this in the browser?
eelco@eelcojellema · startupcosts.co || and much more
@bramk can't use AirPlay on my MacBook, but no problem on my iPad. Plus the convenience of not having to install anything.
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠@milann · Making ideas come alive 🚀🚀 🚀
@bramk chroooooooomecast! :D
Yvo Schaap
Yvo Schaap@yvoschaap · Independent Technical SEO Specialist
@bramk this site actually doesn't do any torrenting in your browser (as you might expect) but uses a 3rd party service for the backend p2p work coinado.io
Guy Gal
Guy Gal@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
@yvoschaap @bramk popcorn time already runs in your browser, just as an app
Paul Parsons
Paul Parsons@paulparsons1981
Quality! I just hope it doesn't get blocked before I have the time to enjoy it :-)
Charlie Irish
Charlie IrishHunter@charlieirish
As always, there is questionable legality with these services. There have been many related hunts (similar or built on top of Popcorn Time) but the community has always come up with good discussion so... I'll leave it up to the mods and the community to determine whether this hunt should be allowed/encouraged.
Braden Hamm
Braden Hamm@bradenhamm · Designer / Founder Gumwall.com
@charlieirish is there any question of the legality, in the states at least?
Frankie Bæza
Frankie Bæza@frankiebaeza · Founder @ ROAS.SYSTEMS
Reminds me of Joker.org, I hope it lasts!