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Hey folks, this is Eric Ying, co-creator and CEO of Popcorn. When Larry and I first talked about creating a social movie app that people might want to use, we started with a question: What movies are my friends talking about? From there, the idea of giving people a quick and fun way to find out about movies to watch (Or avoid) quickly emerged. Uniquely, Popcorn is about giving people a quick and easy way to get movie chatter from their friends because their 'reviews' are more relatable. After receiving positive validation and feedback from early testers, we believe there is a real opportunity to disrupt how people share, discover and talk about movies. Hope you get to check it out and tell us what you think! To learn more about why we created Popcorn and our views on relatable movie reviews, please read our blog at http://wp.me/p6w7Wi-N Thanks! Eric
I love the watermarked stock photo you're using as one of your images here haha
@bradenhamm Not sure how that image got there since we didn't upload it. Just got someone at PH to remove. Thanks for bring it to our attention!
So what movie specific features are you providing?
@kyle_visner Popcorn is designed to let people share their thoughts about movies. Getting the gist of a movie from people we relate to is central to Popcorn's design. Here's a link to a blog post about Popcorn and what it can do: http://wp.me/p6w7Wi-N The product description in the app store also lists all the main features. We're regularly adding new features and making improvements based on feedback and what we think will make the product even better.
Congrats on the launch. I've been toying with a similar idea for a while now. Few questions: Where do you hope to see this go and what is your strategy to monetize this? Would also love to know what you're using as a backend service.
@thelukeirvin Thanks! We are laser-focused on spreading the word and making Popcorn the best possible place for people to share, discover and talk about movies. Please read our latest blog post elaborating a bit more on why we created Popcorn and how it's different: http://wp.me/p6w7Wi-N