pop.in for Android

The video chat room reinvented around topics

pop.in is the chat room, reinvented. Our vision is to focus on real-time many-to-many video based group conversation where topic/interest/pain/passion, rather than just the personality/influencer is the core driver and conversation starter. Like your favorite reddit thread come to life.

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Alex Kruglov
CEO and co-Founder, pop.in
Hello again hunters, We launched pop.in here a couple of months ago (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) and were delighted by your feedback. The number one complaint was that pop.in was only available on iOS and not on Android. No more! We are delighted to welcome Android users to our platform. We are launching in public beta to work out the kinks, and hope to be in full production shortly. We have also slightly revised pop.in rules to streamline them and reflect user feedback. To summarize: 1. Pop a topic 2. When 3 or more people "want in," the pop.in opens 3. Unlimited people can connect in real time via video, audio, text, and images (we will be adding additional "palettes" shortly) 4. When everyone leaves the pop.in, it closes, and all that's left of it is the topic and who was there (what happens in the pop.in stays in the pop.in) It's that simple.
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