Poolside FM

Experiment a radio made on Internet times.

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2014
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I was playing with this last night. So good. I love the concept of mashing two pieces of media together like Mindie (video + music), LoudGIF (GIF + music), Context (text + images), etc. I wrote about this ~month ago here: http://ryanhoover.me/post/724469... Warning: some of the videos may be NSFW.
Awesome find! Really love the 80s feel!
@rrhoover Site is down. :\ Edit: Site is up and I'm in love. Totally rad! Big 80s fan so loving the vibe. Will be great on TV for summer time parties. :)
Bookmarked this immediately <3 Any plans for similar site structure but different decade? @marty & @grantmac_