Say no to endless checklists. Achieve your goals consciously

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2020
Poof is a simple but effective productivity app that helps you avoid mental burnout. There is no point to overload yourself with many tasks that you won’t be able to complete anyway. 12 hours is more than enough to complete a certain number of tasks per day.
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Thank you so much for hunting Poof, @kevin! Hi PH! 🐱‍👓 My name is Alex. If you are acquainted with my products you know that my company focuses on healthy habits, mindfulness, and productivity. 🧘‍♂️ 💁‍♂️I am a maker of Poof, a productivity app that focuses not only on getting things done but also on keeping you safe from burnout. ✅ Endless checklists do not bring satisfaction, leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth because you did not do all of the planned. Have you seen numerous ”100 Goals to Focus on for a Successful Year” in social media? The main result of such lists is depression because, in the end, you’ll find yourself with 2 points completed out of 100. And not because you are a loser, but because it was obviously unattainable. Not to mention the fact that values change during the year and what was important in January becomes inconsiderable by April. ☝ Goals must be achievable, not destructive. Time buffers are essential – for getting sick, not having the mood to do something, force majeure, and simply for idleness. Abandon the Terminator mode, stop writing creepy endless lists, and suddenly you will notice that you can do everything on time. Here are some simple but effective features that will help you complete your tasks in time and stay a mentally stable person at the end of your day. 💁‍♂️ ⏰You have only 24 hours Set execution time for each task individually. Plan your day rationally. 🌸 Simple and effective interface Simple and clean design does not distract from completing tasks. Color coding helps prioritize. 📈 Statistics Analyzing how many tasks you've managed to complete. Improve your daily efficiency. 🔔 Smart notifications Get notified when tasks are expiring. Be productive with Poof. One important thing a day is an optimal minimum that is sufficient to lead a truly productive life. However, we decided not to limit you because apart from important matters there are also many other small tasks. You only have one life and 24 hours in a day. Give yourself permission to be a happy person and archive your goals at the same time! ⏳
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You're not from the UK, are you?
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@mickc79 hi Mick! No, why?:)
@aleksandr_lanin No reason... just asking....
@aleksandr_lanin Your brand name has a very specific meaning here in the UK and maybe in other countries. I'll let you go figure that out though.
@mickc79 gotcha:) let me know your thoughts on the app! I will highly appreciate your feedback!
@aleksandr_lanin FYI due to the reasons above, I just searched for your app on the app store and only got back a plethora of very questionable dating and "hook up" apps.
Hi Alex! I really like the conept of 24 hour tasks. I think the main issue of the check list is that you don't manage to complete all the tasks you are planning to. This will possible help to focus and prioritize. WIll try out and let you know!
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@tattey_dronova exactly! This is the key reason. Let me know your thoughts once you try it!
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Android PLEASE! I rarely manage to do everything that I want to do within a day. Mainly because I'm not in the mood when the time comes but something Poof would force me to think about what I really want and can achieve on any given day :)
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@anna_0x thank you for your feedback! We are hiring Android developers so stay tuned:)
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out
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@ayushchandra thank you! Let me know your thoughts once you check it out!