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Weather: So hot right now

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 02, 2016
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Awesome. Excited to kick off the launch of the app today. Let me know if you have any questions.
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@huangkuan looks great Kuan!
@huangkuan Is it only available in the US? Would love to try it over here in Germany.
@huangkuan nicely done Kuan!
@cenedella Thank you. The makers behind app are @meowgorithm @jordan_carney
@artboiko @meowgorithm @jordan_carney are the makers behind it!
Hi guys! @allieko & I run the editorial team at Poncho and we'll be publishing a piece about the writer's room later this week. Let me know if you have any questions!
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Article is up! You can read all about the Poncho writers' room here: https://medium.com/@hiponcho/the...
I'm sure you all know my lost love for weather apps...but Poncho is different. It's as if there is a personality behind the cat. The team know it's a weather app and I'm sure it's as accurate as others. But the fact that it puts a playful spin on itself as if not taking itself so seriously appeals to me more than 'just another weather app'
I'm probably Poncho's worst user -- I don't live in the US atm, but still love checking my inbox for the emails, and now the app :) So until they let weather cats on flights to Japan, I'll be using for the cute alarm and for keeping up with memes in the morning.
You can read the full story behind the new app here: https://medium.com/@hiponcho/giv... Hope you like it. Android coming soon, more countries coming soon....