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Pomodoro timer for your productivity tool


PomoDone is the easiest way to track your workflow using Pomodoro technique, on top of your current task management service.

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7 Reviews5.0/5

PomoDone is definitely the best Pomodoro technique app around there. I've been using it since the first versions, a couple of years ago, and had tried several other options before.

Two points I can highlight are:

1. The ability to sync the tasks with dozens of to-do list apps (I use Todois), project managing apps (I like Trello) and any kind of tool that allows you to create lists. If you don't use any, you may simple add tasks directly into the app.

2. The availability in all major platforms you can imagine. So doesn't matter if I'm on Windows or Linux PC or even can't install the app (using the web version or phone), I can just open the app and start tracking and managing my working hours.

3. When a timer is finished, be it a working timer or break timer, it has the option to change the focus of the window to the app, reminding me that I need to stop or should get back to work.

Besides that, it is so customizable (timers, sounds, shortcuts, etc.) that can fit to nearly any use-case, all up to the user! Finally, it keeps track of all your working time and breaks (which you can add notes to), so you may review them later and check out how you may improve on using your time.

PomoDone really helps me getting things done, keeps me focused and helps me improving the way I use my time. I'm relly grateful for all the team and the creator, as there is simply no other app with the all the mentioned functionalties!! Thank you!


- Integrates with all sort of tasks/lists apps

- Syncs in all major platforms

- Highly customizable

- Timers history

- Awersome support


Honestly, I can't find any cons. Whenever I had trouble, support helped and soon or later what I had in mind came to be implemented.


There are so few good solutions for juggling tasks in multiple trackers, because it's surprisingly difficult to get right. Many of us dream of having a single task aggregator to manage our stuff, but we also tend to be very picky about the features and how they're presented.

In my limited experience so far, the PomoDone team seem like the right people to do it. Not only are they brave enough to take on a project with so many hidden complexities, but they're also giving it loads of attention in many different areas. I have several little niggles about details in PomoDone but, given what I've seen, this is a team that knows how to prioritise. No wonder they're showing the rest of us how to Get Stuff Done. Kudos!


Aims to work with your setup, not replace it.

Team is responsive, helpful.

Very configurable but works well by default.

Great integrations.


Several key integrations aren't available for free trial (without asking).

No automatic cross-source Today view, but they're working on it.

Daniel da RochaArchitect based in Berlin

Finally the Pomodoro timer I've been looking for.


Easy to use, works well with my Trello boards and does make me more productive!


Nothing so far.