Polymer VCO

Virtual compliance for your collaboration tools

Polymer offers real-time detection and redaction of sensitive material such as PII, HIPAA-protected health information, and regulated financial information in popular collaboration tools like Slack, Dropbox, Github and more.
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Hey Hunters, This is Yasir Ali here, founder of Polymer Virtual Compliance Officer. We are an NYC based startup that makes your most popular remote working tools secure. We help businesses of all sizes reduce cyber breach risk of sensitive customer data by securing collaborative communication & data storage platforms. As part of this launch we are releasing 3 integrations for you to install and use: Slack, Dropbox & Github. These are free to use to help you in reducing PII/PHI/HIPAA traffic within your organization. Organizations can also go a long way in being CCPA and HIPAA compliant by using this offering. We try to do this by being as transparent as possible and not adding too much overhead to your workflow. Our ML-based technology looks at any PII data within the following categories: * Banking * Document Links * File * Networking * Passwords * Personal Slack: Alerts and redacts only PII data molecules that can only be accessed by authorized users. Dropbox: Sanitize any file of its PII data before sharing it to anyone. Share button will bring up the dropdown option to make a copy of the sanitized file. Github: Scan your code base either fully (first time) or with any repo changes that happen in future. Report will alert users if any PII data is found. I stumbled upon this problem while working as a consultant at large corporations. All my clients struggled in one way or the other with controlling access to sensitive client information internal between individuals and teams especially in their SaaS platforms. Our mission is to allow remote working teams to be secure while using collaborative tools. Feel free to reach out to me directly yali@polymerhq.io for paid offerings or any questions, feedback or ideas.
Once I understood what @yasirali was building, I understood the utility — Polymer VCO is essential AI-powered automatic redaction as a service. That is, whenever documents containing sensitive information are being passed around or published (in Dropbox, Slack, Github, etc), the API will take the original document, redact/remove any PII or sensitive information, and return (and replace inline!) the original files. Especially as companies struggle to automate their GDPR and CCPA compliance, this kind of service is very well timed!
Hey, thanks to Chris for sharing. We're indebted to his work as an informed technologist to carry us through this next part of our journey. Our team all came together to release both Github and Dropbox in excellent fashion. Working on Zoom as we speak and continuing to give our early users a look at what's possible with Polymer. Test it out and send us those edge cases we need to think about!
Looks great, excited to start using it.
@murphj11 sweet. Appreciate the support and please reach out if you have questions or thoughts.
We've definitely shared - downloaded - deleted some items through Slack. This seems like a GREAT solution for that to maintain compliance. Well done!
@douglasfranklin 🙏🏼 we appreciate it!