Bet on current events 🤑. Get tomorrow's news, today 📰.

Polymarket is an information markets platform, where speculators bet on the world's most highly-debated topics (COVID, Politics, etc) — producing actionable insight on the matters most important to society, and helping you better plan for your future.
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Nice to see more companies work in this space. I remember Augur launching back in the day, lots of cool markets have yet to be built. :)
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Hey guys, today we're releasing Polymarket as a public beta! So excited We have 2 special perks for all you Product Hunters! - First, you’re eligible to get the ETH tx fees off your first trade refunded, and - Second, you can be one of the first beta testers for our upcoming seamless onboarding process, which includes email login and a compliant fiat on-ramp. Just DM me on Twitter saying you’re from Product Hunt if you’re interested in either. A bit more about Polymarket: One of the biggest problems with social discourse and media on the internet today is the lack of accountability. Everyone has an opinion and isn’t afraid to share it, because at the moment there’s not much downside to being wrong. This makes it really hard for regular people to find out what’s fact and what’s fiction. 2020 has showcased just how bad the consequences can be. We think the solution is… letting people bet $ on current events. Free markets are the best method of aggregating disparate information in real time (see: Hayek, stock market, EMH), and with Polymarket, we aim to harness this power of free markets to demystify the real world events that matter most to you. On Polymarket, speculators bet on future event outcomes and profit from accuracy, and spectators can follow markets to derive actionable insight from the trading activity, helping them better plan for their future. With all the conflicting ‘expert’ opinions on social media, Polymarket lets people put their money where their mouth is and profit from being correct. We're starting today, experimenting with a curated set of highly relevant markets, pre-funded with liquidity and guaranteed tight spreads. Polymarket is built on Ethereum and uses a 1:1 USD-pegged coin called USDC. It is entirely non-custodial and globally accessible. For now, to trade, you need Metamask and USDC, but to use Polymarket for informational and educational purposes - which we expect the majority of users to do - you don't need to worry about any of this. As is implied by the name (“Poly”), these are the just first of many markets we hope to offer on Polymarket. Give it a try and dm me on Twitter https://twitter.com/shayne_coplan with any questions, suggestions, or criticism. Thank you!
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The ability to hedge against the risks you don't want is incredibly under-rated -- Polymarket allows that! Great to see these info markets finally come alive again!
@ron_bernstein agreed 100% - and thank you for being a trailblazer in this industry! paved the way for guys like us
Very happy to see Poly.market finally launch!
Very creative and intuitive app! I love it!