Comments on “Polymail iOS
Brandon Foo@foolywk · Co-founder @PolymailApp
Hi everyone! Thanks to @nivo0o0 and the Product Hunt team - and thanks to the Product Hunt community for your amazing support in making Polymail OS X Mac App of the Year and the 3rd most upvoted product on Product Hunt! We started Polymail with the vision of creating the most beautiful and powerful email experience across… See more
Piero Borgo@pieroborgo · CCO & Co-Founder, Leevia
@foolywk this is awesome! Polymail quickly became my daily driver, now I feel unconfortable with others email clients on iOS, good to know polymail is coming to my pocket too! Signed up for the alpha, can't wait to test the app :)
Thibaut Davoult@thibautdavoult · Growth,
@foolywk @nivo0o0 The list of feature is all I needed to know to sign up! I'm currently using Spark on iOS as a replacement for Mailbox... It's doing the job, but Polymail had me interested ever since the mac app so I'm looking forward to trying it on iOS.
@foolywk @nivo0o0 Does anyone have a Polymail OS X beta invite? I'd like to try it out.
Jay McCauley@mccauley_jay
@foolywk After Mailbox said they were shutting down, I was looking everywhere for a replacement also. I've been using Airmail for Mac and iOS the past month or so, and have been playing around with Polymail also. Do you think the fact that Mailbox was free ultimately led to their demise? If so, are there plans to monetize Polymail down the road? I love fre… See more
Cody@rdbrdd · Owner of Redbearded
@foolywk Awesome! I was just telling a friend about how much I am loving polymail and wanted an iOS app for it!
Brandon Foo@foolywk · Co-founder @PolymailApp
@theleovogel @nivo0o0 hey Leo! Would love to share, feel free to let me know your email! 💌
Wojtek Witkowski@dubstrike · Co-founder at Rayfeed
@theleovogel I can send you one. What's your email?
OscarAlaniz@oscaralaniz · Freelance Designer
@foolywk @nivo0o0 Awesome!!
@ChuckReynolds@chuckreynolds · build & track websites. cofounder Vuurr
I've got to say that I'm very picky about email apps and haven't continued to use one on my mac after testing for years... until Polymail... It's just good. Couple minor settings I'd like to see added but everything so far I've been living with and it's a great app. Been looking forward to the IOS version for a while now - in fact, had a FB thread about it y… See more
Claudiu Danaila@csdmedia · Multimedia Designer
@theleovogel If you still need one, I have an invite.
Ryan MacCarthy@ryanmac · Chief Data Scientist, KickFactory
@foolywk Polymail on my Mac earned "default mail" status within a few hours. Polymail for iOS has been on my wishlist for sometime. Can't wait!
Peter Vogel@prvsundog · Sundog
@foolywk @nivo0o0 I'm loving Polymail and it will be my default email app once it supports IMAP. Any idea when that might be?
Michael Lu@mikelu_
@foolywk @nivo0o0 Have been holding my breath for an invite for months now! Any chance of getting one through anyone here?
Sam Huber@samhuber · Founder, Betify
@foolywk @nivo0o0 looks great, I'm a user already. However is there any way to link custom IMAP domains or just Google / iCloud for now? Most of my addresses are neither...
Ben Smith@benasmith · Director of Emerging Media
@foolywk Any more invites available? Its one the few apps I've been anxious to try and am still on the waiting list for. Thank you! benasmith71 at gmail
Freeman LaFleur@freemanlafleur · Digital Strategist
@foolywk @nivo0o0 Have been loving the OS X alpha! You've been killing it with the updates. Looking forward to getting an iOS app invite!
August Noble@augustnoble · Digital Marketer / Maker
@foolywk @nivo0o0 looking forward to trying it. Congrats again.
Josh Muccio@joshmuccio ·
@foolywk @nivo0o0 YEESSSS!!! Finally a suitable replacement for Mailbox RIP
John Kegel@soulsomeux · UX Designer
@foolywk @nivo0o0 Nicely done! Can't wait to try Polymail out.