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A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac


Polymail is a simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac and iOS. With real-time read-receipts, personalized campaigns, follow-up reminders, contact profiles, and even Salesforce integrations all wrapped in a beautiful UI, Polymail makes your morning email grind effortless.

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  • Chad WhitakerProduct Designer at Product Hunt πŸ‘‹

    Has "Read Later" scheduling, and a very clean design.


    Focusing less on consumers and more on sales productivity. Can be buggy at times.

    Polymail picked up where Mailbox left us hanging. Implementing all the best features like "Read Later" scheduling and swipe actions β€” all housed in a clean design.

    Lately, I've noticed that Polymail is focusing more on biz dev and sales productivity with Polymail Pro. Understandable, with Sparrow and Mailbox being sold off and shut down. It's clear that email clients need to become profitable to survive. Unfortunately, I'm often pressured into features that I would never use via prompts and popups.

    I have used Polymail for a couple of years now. I still notice a few small bugs around rendering emails, and the Read Later queue can break down if you have several threads saved. Still hoping these issues will be fixed soon. πŸ™

    Overall the app still functions great and is my daily email client.

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  • Kevin LouFounder, Anytable 🍜

    Shortcuts, beautiful design, and most importantly - read receipts!


    Occasionally buggy.

    I recently gave Polymail another try and it's indispensable now. Fast mailbox switching and read receipts are the killer features for me.

    Love Polymail for the Mac, but the iOS app doesn't do it for me. When I'm on my phone, Inbox is my go-to.

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  • MarsM β–Œ ≑ β—£ β–€ ▐▐ β–ƒ

    The ios app is nice, love it. The mac app is alright, nice ui and ux.


    β€’ Mac app has gotten a little buggy sometimes doesnt load long emails.

    β€’ Lowered the amount of email accounts to 10 for pro accounts? Why?

    β€’ Wish the side bar could be hidden with a button or auto hide option

    β€’ Wish they didn't limit the amount of acounts you can have

    β€’ Wish you could customize the theme colors like in mailspring / nylas

    β€’ Wish they grouped the messages by sender like texting like MailTime

    and unibox

    β€’ Wish they had PGP -- I think they're working on it.

    β€’ Wish my co-founder and I could log into the same shared email like help@domain.com or invoices@domain.com but if we both use polymail we can't loginto the same email.

    Mars has used this product for one year.
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  • Arun SathiyaHappiness Engineer, Automattic

    Fast multiaccount support and read receipts.


    Pricing could be better. Not affordable email management for budding entrepreneurs and freelancers in growing markets.

    Polymail on Mac is pure gold with read receipts and archiver. Fast and easy to use for multiaccount users.

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  • Pros:Β 

    Love the convenience features (e.g. read later scheduling, read receipts)


    No cons thus far.

    The organizational and convenience tools make email less distracting and much more productive. It's a solid app.

    Nicholas DePriest has used this product for one week.
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  • Pros:Β 

    Multiple email account intergration - including iCloud.


    BUGS. Sync is very poor. Tried may different options, but the sync is really bad. Mail refresh is delayed compared to Apple Mail and Astro.

    Way too expensive for what ti does. I was hyped when I first found this but Astro is Waaaay better.

    edmund amoye has used this product for one month.
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