Comments on “Polymail
Brandon Foo@foolywk · Co-founder @PolymailApp
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @nivo0o0, @bentossell from PH for helping us out! We started Polymail with the vision of creating the most beautiful and powerful native email experience across desktop and mobile. We’ve always loved the simplicity and beauty of Mailbox’s design, but we also found that amazing tools like Email Tracking, Contact Profiles, a… See more
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@foolywk please could you elaborate on "Per-Recipient Email Tracking"? How are you implementing that? (if I'm understanding it's use correctly). normally open tracking is done by invisible pixels; if I send an email to 4 people, how could you tell which person has opened it, if they're all going to be receiving the same tracking pixel?
Supratim Chakraborty@borax12 · Developer at Cloudmagic
@foolywk Looking forward to an invite . The anticipation is killing me
Ben Swinford@swinnythepooh
@_jacksmith @foolywk the per-recipient tracking got me off of gmail web with CRM and onto polymail
Varun Goel@goelv · Cofounder & Head of Product, Tripnary
@foolywk looking forward to an invite.. can't wait to try this. Love the fact that I can 'Send Later' and also do 'One-Click Unsubscribe'..
Wells Riley ✨@wr · ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
@foolywk an invite would be awesome :)
Sebastian Rumberg@rumberg · I do things at Ballou PR
@foolywk Would love to try it as well. It feels a bit like geeky christmas already.
Piero Borgo@pieroborgo · CCO & Co-Founder, Leevia
@foolywk looking forward to try this out, been using N1 in the last couple of days but I'm not 100% satisfied, this looks fresh!
Pål Joakim Pollen@paljoakim · Technology Editor,
@foolywk looks really good – would love an alpha invite :)
Amir Moin@amiranywhere · Product Manager @Contify
@foolywk Can't wait to get the invite! I already signed up for the beta though last week.
Brandon Foo@foolywk · Co-founder @PolymailApp
@goelv @foolywk happy to add you Varun! feel free to DM me your email on Twitter :)
Varun Goel@goelv · Cofounder & Head of Product, Tripnary
@foolywk done & done! please check your messages on twitter!
Justin Gough@justingough
@foolywk would love to try it out. I am still using sparrows original desktop app on my Mac.
Gil Belford@gilbelford
@foolywk Hey there! Looks pretty awesome. Would love to try it out. :)
Eric Li@eli8527 · designing time (machines)
@foolywk Looks awesome! I'd love to play with the alpha. :)
@foolywk Mailbox and Sparrow were also amazing mail clients that some time later were acquired by big fishes and now are dead products. Which are your future plans? I don't want again to fall in love with an amazing product that shuts down because they get bought...
Clarence Wee@clarencewee · UX Designer
@foolywk This looks gorgeous! Looking forward to an invite, please. Not interested in the tracking, but the other features would be useful.
Jacob Leander-Olsson@jacoblo · Entrepreneur & digital consultant
@foolywk Looks very promising and will definitely give it a try. Signed up and let me know if there is any way to get an invite earlier :-)
Will Roper@wwr228
@foolywk I'd love to get an invite - still trying to find a replacement for Mailbox...
Wil Parker@wilparker82 · Marketing Specialist / Project Manager
@foolywk I'd love to try this. It's been on my list of products to keep an eye on. Would love to be in the Alpha. Thanks!
Patrick J. Bradley@patrickjbradley · founder @muusicalapp and @sososwiftUS
@foolywk I would like to try polymail, looks cool. :)