Hotdog not hotdog for language learning

Polygloss uses computer vision to enable you to scan objects or places and translate them from English into your target language. Initially available with French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Polish. 😎

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Hey guys! I found a lot of the content I was consuming to learn a language was irrelevant to my life. So I created Polygloss to help make my language learning more relevant and contextual to my environment. I hope you like the product. Happy to answer any questions!
Looks great! What technology are you using for the computer vision? I’m guessing you haven’t built a visual AI from scratch! Or have you?
@benstyles Thanks Ben! I'm using the Inception model to power the computer vision!
I love the idea. Are you going to create it for Android OS?
@vladdmytriiev Thanks Vlad! It depends on how iOS goes. If it does, Android is probable! 😃
How many languages are in this app? (I want to learn german)
@liza__schwartz Currently, we have 8 languages. And Yes! German is one of them.