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Find best Polls from all over the Twitter at one place πŸŽ‰

PollScout indexes the best Twitter Polls from all over the world. Each poll is tagged and you can filter,search these polls, discuss it on the platform.
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πŸ‘‹ Hunters. PollScout indexes the best Twitter Polls from all over the world. I have been a huge fan of Twitter Polls and when I was going through the Twitter Bookmarks, I realized that more than 80% of my bookmarked tweets were Polls. These amazing polls are hidden in the long tail of Twitter timelines. Just reply with @pollscout track #related-hashtag to the Poll, and it will automatically get indexes on the PollScout πŸŽ‰. Some interesting poll results 1. 70% of 122k twitter users feel that their country should be run by entrepreneurs! 2. 80% of the 25k twitter users feel that China is a malign force. 3. 55% of the 2.5k twitter users say Thank You to their children. Feedback is welcome πŸš€
Hey @akshay_deo I love those polls as well! How about a summary/digest of the most active polls of the week?
@sidism_ Hi. Thank you so much for your upvote πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ. Yes! PollScout is going to send a daily digest of Twitter polls directly in your inbox πŸŽ‰.
@akshay_deo that's great! Will you be curating the polls manually or is it based on the activity and engagement?
@sidism_ Digest can be customized by marking your favorite hashtags in the profile. You can say your favorite hashtags are #startups #funding #movies and your PollScout digest will have polls related to these hashtags πŸŽ‰.
This is a nice idea! Is there a way to filter or follow the polls on topics I prefer?
@sonia_m_lavenir Hi, thank you so much for your kind words. Currently you can filter the polls based on a search keyword or hashtag. I am working on a feature set that will allow you to setup your own preferences and you will start seeing personalised feed :).
πŸ”” New update alert Last entire week was amazing for PollScout. Thank you so much for using the product πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ. Based on the feedback and roadmap (https://bit.ly/pollscout-roadmap), I have added the following features into the product. 🧐 Filters You can filter polls by hashtags. For example, if you want to see all the polls with #covid19 hashtag you can do that now πŸŽ‰. πŸ” Search Search for any word and get the corresponding polls. Currently Pollscout searches for the query in the tweet content. ⏳Ongoing Polls Now you can view ongoing polls separate from completed polls. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Upcoming features - Export poll data - User preferences for Mail Digest and Home screen feed ❓Do you think PollScout mobile app would be a better way to engage with Twitter polls?
Yes! I would use PollScout mobile app
No, I am ok with website.
πŸ”” New update alert πŸ”– Bookmarks Now you can bookmark polls. I am working on a separate section where you can see all of your bookmarked polls. πŸ” Search V2 Search V1 was good but not enough. I am working on a version of Search for better experience. Till then it's disabled. πŸ¦‰ Hoot By PollScout Now you can subscribe to the push notifications from PollScout. Whenever we find some amazing polls, we will send you notification on the browser.