Pollen VC

Fuel your app's growth with early access to your revenues

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Pollen VC allows developers to unlock their app store revenues the day after you’ve earned them, rather than wait up to 60+ days to be paid out by the platforms. We fund your ad network account with 100% of your revenue – so there is no cost to you. Or you can draw cash against your earnings if you need quicker access to working capital. If you have any questions about our service, drop us a line below or email us at hello@pollen.vc :)
Very attractive model for devs that want to scale their user acquisition without having to rely on VC funding. This is a no-brainer growth driver for any app which is monetizing directly via the app stores. Oh, and the team and service are great too!
Great case study here for PollenVC business --> Russia's Pixonic Rethinks Growthhacking To Rocket Its App Up The Charts - http://www.forbes.com/sites/pegg.... Well done guys!
We also share lots of info and insights about app marketing and growth on our blog, so please check that out http://insights.pollen.vc/
Picked this up from speaking to one of your marketers at a Vincent Dignan event, very cool :)
Hi @leewynne that was me! What a great event in such an awesome venue. If you want to read more about Pollen VC in action check out this Forbes article - http://goo.gl/KQKdwK.