Polarsteps for Android

Automatically track your journeys on a stunning map 🌍

Huge fan of this app! Recommended to everyone I met in Asia last summer and will do again in the next few weeks. Happy for the android users now that its on their platform!
Great, Polarsteps is finally available for Android! After using the mobile website for following friends I will now definitely use the app for my next trips!
Hey guys! I'm Koen, one of the founders of Polarsteps. We're 4 enthusiastic adventurers with a passion for travel, design and code. Last year we launched Polarsteps for iPhone (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...), and this week is our Android release. For those interested in what a trip tracked with Polarsteps looks like, here's an epic example: Amsterdam to Cape Town on a motorbike - https://www.polarsteps.com/niek/... The first idea for Polarsteps came from our co-founder Niek, who made a transatlantic sailing trip from France to the Carribean a few years ago. He took a GPS-device with him to track his route and published updates on a website by sending his coordinates to a server through a satellite phone. His site went viral among backpackers and overlanders, who all loved the concept of telling your story on a map. Next prototypes were tested on an overland trip from the Netherlands to Mongolia in a Jeep Cherokee and a trip on a motorbike from Amsterdam to Cape Town. Based on the lessons learned we built an iPhone app that was launched last year, and today we’re releasing on Android. The core vision – telling travel stories on a beautiful map – always remained the same. Looking forward to your feedback on our Android version, and thanks for your votes! :) Koen