Polarr Teleport

The lowest budget travel app.


Siddharth Arora
@siddharth_arora1 · Gradbee
This is a shitty app. Just look for it in the reviews. Please don't share such things on pH. And I see so many upvotes. What is going on guys?
Simon Andrys
@simonandrys · Exotic Minnesotan accent
For all commenters: there's a holiday in the US called April Fools Day — and you fell for it. :)
Braxton Huff
@3raxton · Founder of Porter, Creator, UI Designer
Is there any plan for an iOS app?
Borui Wang
@bwang29 · Founder, Polarr
For those travelers who are budget driven and enjoy planning with little cash. We're excited to announce our new app - Polarr Teleport, an app that helps you cut cost from almost all aspects of your next vacation! Plan your next low budget travel experience with Polarr Teleport. Enjoy competitive pricing on air travel, hotel, and car rentals, while having… See more
Csaba Kissi
@csaba_kissi · Developer & maker of Hunter Analysis
I'm wondering why there are so many negative reviews 🤔, features are really interesting