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Wow thanks for the post! To answer @bentossell 's original question about why building an OSX app. In additional to @derekzhyan's answer (RAW support is definitely an important one): 1) Because it wasn't difficult. OS 10.10+ has a high performance web view to port our online app. 2) We thought our editor deserves more exposure and we wanted to bring in new audiences. 3) It is much easier for our iOS users to understand the app after using the OSX app. 4) We can potentially bridge the iOS/OSX in one piece to provide a seamless experience. 5) To generate some revenue to feed our team (and thank you all if you decide to buy :D). In the meantime, we started to try out some dangerously interesting ideas for the next iteration of Polarr's mobile and desktop photo editing apps. In all honesty, we played quite conservatively in 2015 as a new company and our products were mostly borrowing concepts from established apps. We didn't like that and we will be a lot more aggressive and run more design/conceptual risk for our new tools in Q1 2016! Stay tuned!
@bwang29 @derekzhyan Sounds very exciting! Look forward to seeing what risks are taken this year
One skill I need to develop this year is being able to create good images. When my MacBook and WiFi can both handle applications and browsers open at the same time, I'm hoping to give this a whirl. Always see so much great stuff from Polarr and awesome feedback here on Product Hunt. @bwang29 why build the Mac App? Does this have any extra bells and whistles?
@bentossell Hi Ben, Here are a few obvious improvements of the Mac version over the web version: - ability to edit photos offline - using native RAW utilities from OS X to give much better RAW support - export integrated with Mac utilities (iMessage, AirDrop, etc...) - controlled user experience - we limit the OS X app to El Capitan and Yosemite and thus can guarantee smooth experience for the Mac users; this cannot be done for the web version The app itself is only 3.5MB and is written mainly using JavaScript and WebGL, making it highly scalable across various platforms. Here's a CNET article on the technology we've been using: http://www.cnet.com/news/how-pho... Porting the web version to OS X was easy and a logical step to increase the reach of Polarr to more folks :) @bwang29, anything to add?
Great new Photo Editor for the Mac. I hunted this a month ago, but there was no trial version then. There is one now fortunately. Thanks!
@t55 Hope you enjoy the lite version Ton :) Other than batch-export, and local/gradient adjustments which are only available int the full-version, the lite-version should give you 95% of the full experience.
just bought it on Mac, it's awesome and worth every penny of the currently super cheap 10 dollars!
Nice! I use the iOS version. Is there better support for masking / touchups on this OSX version than on mobile?
@colemercer You can add infinite local adjustments on the OSX version.